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How we work

We live in a modern, mobile, electronic age.
This gives us a golden opportunity to operate differently, saving both time and money.

 "The Internet is our office."

We do not maintain a central office, and we intend never to rent, buy, or build one. That means we do not have to direct any money toward maintaining a building and all the staff that go with it
  • Volunteers and future Employees work from their own home offices.
  • We hold "face-to-face" meetings on-line, using technologies like Skype, eliminating travel costs.
  • Virtually everyone has cell phones now, and pays the same rate for local, long distance, and toll-free calls. We do not need to pay high rates for a toll-free telephone number.
  • Wherever we can, we work to establish Internet connectivity to our field projects, making our efforts more efficient and less costly.

80% Rule

Our by-laws dictate that a minimum of 80% of our sponsorships, donations, and other proceeds are to go to the field. The key word there is "minimum." The bulk of our funds goes to hands-on ministry, not buildings and staff.
  • From a 25-dollar sponsorship, at least $20 goes to the sponsored group of widows.
  • From a $100 donation, no less than $80 goes to fund projects.
  • When you see items for sale from us, items made or marketed by our own widows, 80% or more of the sale price goes back to the widows who supplied them. If we sell a hand-woven shawl sent to us from a group of widows, we may sell it for $50. We forward forty dollars or more of that to the group that provided the shawl.

We're on the same team

Wherever possible, we try to join together with other ministries, for our mutual benefit and for the benefit of our ladies. We do not believe in competition. Why put together a vocational seminar on our own if another ministry already has one scheduled? Or why not offer one of our own trained widows to lead a child wellness seminar for a children's ministry? Better to help them and ask them for help in return.

Accountability before the Lord

We want to be accountable. Our board will always be populated with wise Christian counselors. Our Internet office model will enable instant, up-to-date reporting on our projects and our expenditures.