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Name and Logo

NewCovenant name

"NewCovenant" is spelled as a composite of two words-- "New" and "Covenant." Its reference comes directly from the Bible book of Jeremiah, chapter 31, where God promises a new covenant with his people.

For the design of the name, "New" is written in Greek text. Questions about the true meanings of a Bible texts are best answered through the original Bible languages-- Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. It's an interesting play on words that the Greek letters spell out the word "neo", which translates to our English "new," AND the letters are shaped like our own "N," "e," and "w."

"New" and "Covenant" are pressed together like one word. This "computer look" signifies the "high tech" side of our ministry. Computers and the Internet are two very important tools that we are using to get our work done with the most efficiency and the least cost. Besides that, the Internet lets us reach anyone who has a computer online, anywhere in the world.

Cross and Eagle 

The X-shaped cross is a "St. Andrew's Cross." In the Bible, Andrew was the first man ever recorded who led someone to Jesus Christ, when he introduced his brother Simon (Peter) to Jesus. So Andrew is called "the first evangelist." Tradition holds that Andrew died by crucifixion on an X-shaped cross. 

The cross is red, to symbolize our forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ. 

In his ministry, Andrew traveled as far as Scotland. The roots of NewCovenant trace to the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ/Disciples of Christ churches. These churches make up the first new Church movement founded on American soil, yet they are connected back to the Presbyterian Seceders Church of Scotland. So St. Andrew's Cross also represents our original church traditions, and so seemed fitting to be part of our logo.

In the Bible, the Eagle is a symbol of power and renewal by the Holy Spirit. I am an American, of an American church tradition, and our ministry is founded in the United States of America. So the eagle in the logo is a bald eagle, the national bird of our home country.

Also, in my blood flows a mixture of many different nationalities. But the largest portion of that mix is native American, of the Cherokee nation. I am not driven to seek formal membership in the Cherokee Nation. Yet I feel a strong tie to my Native American roots. The American Indians observed that the eagle could soar so high as to disappear from sight. They believed that the eagle carried their prayers to the Great Spirit.

As a Christian, I have no doubt that I am carried on the wings of the Holy Spirit. Through faith in Jesus Christ, I am born again into the New Covenant.

--David Haggard