About Sponsorship

When you sponsor someone, you change lives. You lift up a hurting woman and her children, and help them to a better life.

With our business model, we have extremely low expenses. For $25 a month, you are not just paying for a project.

  • You can build a relationship with a lady of amazing faith, and be lifted up while you lift her up.
  • You can exchange letters and pictures and learn about another world.
  • Provide opportunities for vocational training and personal small business.

If you are a widow yourself, we are exploring ways to help build a deeper friendship with someone who knows what you are going through. Minister to her and receive ministry in return.

There are several ways to get started.

Browse through widows who are waiting for sponsors.
Every one in our growing list of widows is waiting for a sponsor. Read a brief description and see a picture of each one.

Search for a widow to sponsor based on personal characteristics.
Fill in an on-line form, and we will try to match a widow to the characteristics you choose.

Let us choose a widow for you to sponsor. 
We will give preference to those we recognize to have the greatest need or who have been waiting the longest. We will send you the information on the lady we have chosen.

You may also call us at (712) 628-2110, or use the form below to send an e-mail, to discuss the options.

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